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Welcome to Pasamall

Pasamall is a Singapore registered employment agency holding a comprehensive license. We
offer a full-range of employment services for permanent, temporary, full time, part time, contract,
local talents and global talents across different industries.

Singapore is one of the favorite destinations for global talents looking to further pursue their
career. Many companies here practice fair working environments that reward individuals based on
merit. Furthermore, Singapore having an effective legal framework and strong support to protect
the labour market offers boundless opportunities for the right talents.

Pasamall’s role is to match workers with the right skills with employers. Our activities may include:

  • Facilitating placement of employment with employer
  • Communication with any worker for the purpose of assisting in job applications
  • Collation of biodata or resume of any worker to help secure employment
  • Submission of work pass application on behalf of employer or worker to Ministry of